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ISSUE 6 2018
as time moves on. I would even say that,
from today's view point of the market, the
launch of Origin Green back in 2012 was
visionary as it provides a path to respond
to the deeper needs expressed by today's
consumer, which are becoming very visible."
Origin Green responds to current consumer
and nutritional needs as environmental
pressures are becoming ever more
visible and consumers now have a deep
understanding of these issues due to means
of modern communication and social media.
Positive experience
"However, there is another important
factor that struck me following a recent
conversation with a young Irish bar
entrepreneur in Paris. He expressed his
passion for the new wave of Irish food
products: cheese, smoked salmon, Irish
meat, craft beers and premium alcohols.
This emphasised the impressive bounds that
Ireland's food culture has made in the last
decade. We in Bord Bia's overseas offices
become particularly aware of this when we
bring buyers or journalists to Ireland. They
now systematically return with very positive
impressions of their culinary experiences, be
it in Irish restaurants, enjoying a pub lunch
or even supermarket visits. The quality of the
food served and the quality of displays in our
supermarkets is the best showcase we could
have. Seeing cattle and sheep throughout
the country grazing in fields is perfect
evidence of grass-fed farming, which results
in the high and nutritious quality of our meat
and dairy products."
These positive experiences, Finnian says,
stimulate buyers, media and consumers
to continue living such experiences when
they return home and thereby open doors to
Irish food in export markets. "It is the result
of a fusion of food production, tourism and
culinary arts, all underpinned by responsible
production where Origin Green has a crucial
role to play."
Promotional trail
Earlier this year, six Irish cheese companies
participated in Salon de Fromage Paris,
with Irish producer, Cashel Blue's organic
cheese claiming the coveted
`coup de coeur' award. In
April, 23 French buyers
traveled to Ireland
for Marketplace
in Dublin where they met with potential
suppliers. The world's largest seafood fair
took place in Brussel in April where 23
Irish seafood companies participated on
the Origin Green Ireland stand and nine
Irish craft beer companies participated
at Mondial de la Biére show in Paris in
early July. Meawhile, several Chef's Irish
Beef Club (CIBC) events took place to
raise the reputation of Irish beef and lamb,
especially in the foodservice sector. "An
example is the chefs' barbeque held in the
Irish Ambassador's residence in Belgium
this summer. This generated a high level
of media coverage. Around St Patrick's
Day, there was a special Irish product
showcase in Costco, as well as
several in-store promotions for
meat and seafood in retail
hypermarkets and cash and carry outlets."
As well as a strong presence at SIAL
2018, across four categories, Bord
Bia is also preparing for Sirha, which
takes place in Lyon in January and the
sandwich and snacking show in April.
Finnian says Bord Bia will continue
to educate customers about
Origin Green and Ireland, as
well as supporting Irish
companies to tell their
stories in the market.
Irish Ambassador to Belgium Helena
Nolan; CIBC chef Alexandre Masson;
and Bernadette Byrne, Bord Bia.
CIBC chef Laure Genonceaux; master butcher Nicolas Bailleul; CIBC chef
Stephane Grulois; Bernadette Byrne, Bord Bia; Ambassador Helena Nolan;
CIBC chef Alexandre Masson; and CIBC chef Frederik Desmet.
Irish Ambassador to France Patricia
O'Brien; CIBC chef Gilles Bellot; CIBC chef
Jacques Cagna; CIBC chef Christophe
Moisand; and Finnan O Luasa, Bord Bia.