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ISSUE 6 2018
Kildare Chilling Company
Kildare Chilling Company is a fully integrated beef and lamb operation with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment located on the edge of the
Curragh, Co. Kildare. The company enjoys a reputation for quality, which, it says, reflects the source of livestock, processing systems and controls
operated by the company. Its production is predominantly bespoke products, designed for customer requirements, but also has the following company
brands: Kildara Farms and Kildare Heritage Town. Kildare Chilling Company says it is continuously improving and updating its raw-material sourcing,
product development methods, and manufacturing. The trusted procurement methods used, combined with fine-tuned, in-house processes, contribute
to Kildare Chilling Company's high standards and consistency of quality. Kildara Farm is a selection of retail-ready, vac-pac joints. The company's
packaging system ensures farm-fresh quality, tenderness and taste for longer because it forms a skin, locking in freshness. The Kildare Heritage Town
brand uses only carefully-sourced beef and lamb carcasses, subject to Bord Bia's Beef and Lamb Quality Assurance Scheme.
John Stone
John Stone Fine Foods is an international, gourmet, dry-aged beef company that supplies high-quality beef and lamb globally from Co.
Longford. The company's beef is dry-matured and cut to a kitchen-ready standard. Cuts are centre of the plate for fine dining and steak house
concepts. The introduction of a new 180g dry-aged beef burger complements its 227g gourmet steak burger, using custom blends of prime-
aged beef to produce a succulent, home-made texture. John Stone is committed to providing a product with total traceability sourced from
prime cattle from traditional beef breeds. These animals have grazed, free range, on the green pastures of Ireland and have a natural diet,
combined with a natural environment. John Stone is also a verified member of Origin Green through its partners, Kepak Group. Consistency
in its produce is something John Stone prides itself on, ensuring that beef is dry-aged to perfection every time. The company has a dedicated
team of experts who carefully select the product, as well as a European Food Safety Inspection Service, British Retail Consortium and European
Securities and Markets Authority approved plant to ensure quality. John Stone beef is proudly served on some of the finest restaurants globally.
Irish Country Meats
Irish Country Meats (ICM) is one of Europe's leading lamb processors with a reputation for
product quality and innovation in Ireland and in the broader European marketplace. ICM's
state-of-the-art production facilities in Camolin, Co. Wexford; Navan, Co. Meath; and Liège,
Belgium, are Grade-A British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited. Lonhienne, ICM's specialist
lamb processor in Belgium, provides service possibilities and direct access to key customers
in Belgium and northern Europe. Currently employing 450 people and servicing 30 markets
worldwide, the company works in close partnership with its customer base to deliver unrivalled
expertise in direct livestock procurement, quality lamb production, cold-chain management,
processing efficiency and aftersales service. ICM produces and markets a full range of
sheepmeat products from traditional carcass to innovative, ready-to-cook and formulated lamb
products. The company's philosophy of specialisation facilitates the delivery of a competitive
advantage to customers through innovation, continuous new product development and creative
product presentation supported by consumer brands.
Kepak Group
Kepak Group is an Irish company and one of Europe's leading meat processors, with turnover exceeding
1 billion and employing
over 5,000 people. It has manufacturing facilities throughout Ireland and the UK, with sales offices in Europe, the US, Asia and
Africa. The group processes 500,000 cattle, 1,700,000 lambs and 450,000 pigs per year and markets a broad range of value-added
meat products serving the foodservice and retail markets. According to Kepak, innovation and quality is the lifeblood of the Group's
business ethos. Kepak continuously invest in consumer insight and innovation through research and development. As a founding
member of Origin Green, the group has a strong reputation for sustainable food production and farming practices. Kepak has
developed a portfolio of market-leading brands including Rustlers, Big Al's, John Stone, Stript Snacks and Celtic Beef.