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ISSUE 6 2018
QK Meats
Established in Ireland in 1991, OK Meats, from its humble beginnings in beef deboning and packing at the plant in
Naas, Co. Kildare, has seen many changes along its journey to becoming a major player in worldwide protein markets.
With formidable expertise and resources, QK Meats expanded outside the EU and, after a decade of investment, has
established itself in Africa, Asia, the US, and South America. With production sites and cold-storage, coupled with joint
ventures and commercial partnerships, it offers a stable platform for trade, priding itself on its great personal relationships
with its suppliers and customers alike.
Rosderra is Ireland's largest Irish pigmeat-processing business, accounting for approximately 50 per cent of
the national kill. Rosderra operates two state-of-the-art slaughtering and processing facilities at Edenderry,
Co. Offaly, and Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. The company also has a speciality-meat ingredients facility, a
pork-curing facility and a cooked-meats facility. The company exports to markets including Europe, the US,
Australia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Canada and Japan. With advanced control and quality processes,
Rosderra says its farm-to-fork traceability provides customers with world-class products across the entire
pork and bacon range. The company's unique product-coding system enables it to trace all products from
meat origin and materials used in processing, through to its final destinations. Experience shows that this
rigid traceability system gives customers confidence in the quality of Rosderra products. The Rosderra pork
product range includes: belly, loin, ribs and shoulder, to name a few. The company's primary focus is to
ensure all animals supplied are: born and reared in the Republic of Ireland; from farms participating in the
national DNA trace-back scheme; from national registered farms; certified under Bord Bia's Farm Assurance
Scheme; and approved under Rosderra's Quality Pig Grid for animal welfare, husbandry, biosecurity,
healthcare and structures.
Slaney Foods
Slaney Foods prides itself on its reputation for sourcing and producing the
highest-quality Irish beef. Located in the heart of the Slaney Valley, one
of Ireland's prime farming regions, the company has developed strong
and successful long-term relationships with customers, including leading
multiples and foodservice companies in the UK, Europe and across the globe.
Slaney Foods is a proud and committed member of Origin Green, Bord Bia's
sustainable food production programme. The company is dedicated to working
in partnership with farmers to produce top-class, grass-fed beef and to ensuring
the livestock it processes is sourced from farms that uphold high standards for
animal welfare and the environment. Slaney Foods combines this best-quality
Irish beef with ultra-modern processing facilities to offer a product range of
superb quality, prepared precisely to customer specification. By providing
excellent products and a first-class service, close working relationships have
been established with all its customers as the company continues to grow.
Slaney Foods' key offerings include: farm-assured Irish beef, incorporating
Slaney Valley and Slaney Gold brands; Certified Hereford Beef; and Slaney
Angus beef. Slaney Foods is also a leading processor of organic beef and offers
a full range of organic products.