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Hassetts Bakers
& Confectioners Ltd
Michael Hassett, entrepreneur and artisan master baker, established his first bakery
in 1984 in Douglas, Co. Cork. Today, he owns and manages the Hassetts Bakers &
Confectioners Ltd's Carrigaline manufacturing facility, as well as several retail and
foodservice businesses. The Hassetts Bakers & Confectioners company currently
employs over 40 people across all units. Michael has gained invaluable experience
within this industry over the last 33 years and, over the past 18 months, he has advanced
into biscuits and cracker manufacturing, servicing his own retail outlets. These products
have proven to be very successful and have generated substantial demand. The company has
begun exporting its products to the US, Canada, Berlin, France and the UK with more orders
in the pipeline. The company says it is an exciting time with continuous growth and many export
opportunities across many countries.
The Lismore Food Company
The Lismore Food Company brings together three artisans who share a love of fine ingredients and a
lifetime of experience in food. In October 2014, the `three biscuiteers' combined their cookery and baking
expertise to launch a range of premium, fine, sweet biscuits ­ beautifully packaged in `hot' orange tubes
with a golden disc inspired by the work of the late Irish artist Patrick Scott. A year later, it launched two
savoury flavours as an homage to the coastline of Ireland and 2016 saw the introduction of a new confection
­ Dark Chocolate Apple Crisp Thins. This coming season, the company extends its family of products to include
new confections and a much-anticipated premium snack range. The Lismore Food Company has been acclaimed
for its striking contemporary packaging design, innovation in flavour and simplicity of ingredients. It has won
numerous Great Taste Awards and its Dark Chocolate Apple Crisp Thins have been shortlisted for the 2018 SIAL
Paris Innovation Award. Its products are available in stores and fine food location across Ireland and the UK and in a
growing number of countries around the world.
Prestige Foods
Prestige Foods manufactures chilled and frozen desserts, party foods and canapés in its purpose-built facility in Co.
Kerry. Prestige Foods supplies foodservice with the Prestige Professional brand, which is created specifically with
chefs in mind and designed to be easy to use and full of flavour. The products are made using top-quality Irish
and international ingredients. Prestige Professional products are all hand produced and blast frozen on the day of
production to ensure optimum freshness and quality for the consumer. Its artisan desserts are available in both
portion and mini sizes. They are thaw-and-serve desserts offering a tasty, no-waste solution to homemade dessert
solutions. The mini dessert range is perfect for afternoon teas, buffets, canapés, and plated assiette desserts. In
its savory canapé range, the company has created mini versions of favourite dishes with a creative twist, including
a handmade sage and roast-onion shortbread biscuit layered with sweet potato purée and topped with duck in
orange sauce. Also, in the range is a mushroom stroganoff with wild Boulet and cepes mushrooms. Another favourite,
according to the company, is its Irish goat's cheese served with homemade red-onion relish.