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ISSUE 6 2018
Launched six years ago at SIAL by
Ireland's then Taoiseach (prime minister)
Enda Kenny, Origin Green is one of the
first programmes of its kind in the world.
It unites Government, State agencies
and industry in an evidence-based
sustainability programme that provides
proof that Irish food and drink is produced
in a sustainable manner.
A sustainable supply chain begins with raw
materials, in food production it begins with
sustainable agriculture. Origin Green covers
every part of the supply chain; from farms to
processors, through to manufacturers and
exporters. It provides Irish farmers and food
and drink businesses with the framework to
collate data that demonstrates progress in key
target areas, showing how they are lessening
their impact on the environment, driving viable
business and simultaneously enhancing society.
All exhibitors on the Origin Green Ireland
stands at SIAL, located in Halls 5, 6 and 7,
are verified members of Origin Green. This
means they have third party proof of their
sustainability commitments and the progress
they are making. Members are audited at
every step, making it the only independently
verified programme of its kind.
Growing member base
"Over the past six years, participation in
the Origin Green programme has grown
significantly. We now have 346 member
companies who are third-party verified
for their sustainability commitments and,
most importantly, delivering on those
commitments and driving continuous
improvement throughout their businesses,"
says Michael Maloney.
"We have a further 243 companies who
are working on developing their plans for
approval. The uptake of the programme
throughout the industry in Ireland clearly
demonstrates that this is becoming the norm
or just `the way' Irish food companies are
doing business. This makes Origin Green
member companies ideal supply partners for
customers seeking transparency throughout
their supply chain to help them mitigate risk.
Most importantly, they can provide third-party
proof of their sustainability actions that will
enable customers to deliver on their own
corporate sustainability strategies."
Global communications
Michael says trade shows such as SIAL
provide an important opportunity to
communicate what Ireland is doing regarding
sustainability in the food industry, particularly
given its importance in purchasing decisions
globally. "Insight from recent global research,
among buyers and consumers, highlights the
growing importance of sustainability in food
purchase decisions. Ireland's food sector has
been identified as having strong sustainability
credentials and the Origin Green programme
will continue to play a vital role in reassuring
customers of the sustainability credentials of
Ireland's food and drink products.
This year's SIAL sees the largest ever contingent exhibiting on the Ireland pavilions
located in three halls: 5, 6 and 7 organised by Bord Bia (Irish Food Board). Significantly,
the 31 companies participating in the show with Bord Bia are all verified members of Origin
Green -- Ireland's national sustainability programme for the food and beverage industry.
We speak to Bord Bia's Michael Maloney, director of Origin Green and Quality Assurance
Schemes, about the development of this unique sustainability programme