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ISSUE 6 2018
The Rye River Brewing Company
celebrates its fifth birthday this year, and
the company has a lot more to celebrate
besides. While growing 40 per cent year on
year, the company now employs 47 people,
has five brands, brews 20 unique recipes
and claimed 19 awards at the 2018 World
Beer Awards. But, says Tom Cronin, this is
just the tip of the iceberg. He sees a huge
opportunity to take advantage of a market
where consumers are demanding better
quality, unique products. "There is plenty
of runway for us to grow into," says Tom
explaining that, while craft beer currently
accounts for 1.4 per cent of the European
beer market there is no reason it couldn't be
more. He says 10 per cent of the beer market
would be a drop in the ocean but would be a
significant advance for small producers.
Despite a decline in overall
consumption of alcohol, Tom
Cronin, co-founder and
managing director of Rye River
Brewing Company, believes
there is an exciting growth
opportunity for craft brewers
globally. As one of Ireland's
largest craft breweries,
with 19 new accolades to
its name following the
2018 World Beer Awards,
Tom intends carving out a
place for Rye River products
within the category