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ISSUE 6 2018
Kelkin produces a range of food, snacks,
free-from product and vitamins, with over
75 different SKUs. According to Gary, a
key differentiator for the brand is that its
products function across categories. "I see
the same product in two different aisles
because it fits into two different areas; it
fits into your standard cereals, snacks or
sauces, and it can go into your gluten-free,
free-from, health-and-wellness section. It's
a real point of difference."
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Valeo Foods Group acquired Kelkin four
years ago and, last year, completed a rebrand
of the range. Kelkin is one of the top health-
and-wellness brands in Ireland and, when
Valeo acquired the brand, it had a broad range
of products, with over 200 SKUs. There
was a strong focus on health and wellness
but, Gary says: "The overall brand was a bit
disjointed." Valeo set about understanding
how Irish consumers viewed the brand and
related to it, as well as taking the temperature
of the overall health-and-wellness market.
"We ended up separating the brand into a
number of different categories but retained an
overarching look and feel to the brand."
Gary explains that the renewed brand image
is about incorporating high-quality foods and
ingredients seamlessly into busy and active
lifestyles. "We decided to go for an outdoorsy
feel for the brand. The brand you can take on
the go. It's part of your lifestyle, rather.
"We have started to develop products that
fit the modern-day consumer from not only
a health-and-wellness point of view but also
offering tasty, good food. For example, we just
released our Crackers Thins, which are made
from lentils, ancient grains and chickpeas.
There are three different types of products
there and it's very much focused on a group
of people, whether they are going camping
or eating inside, it's about having a shared
moment with these products where they
share dips, for example. It's about ingraining
our brand to the lifestyle of consumers."
Kelkin is a stand out brand, says Gary Neville, export manager, Valeo Foods,
as he discusses the company's rebrand and export expansion ambitions
A brand
for life