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FOCUS @IrishFoodMag
ISSUE 6 2018
A new lease of life
Part of the Kelkin rebrand has been a
renewed focus on its products, with new
product launches and innovation around the
presentation of existing products. "We are also
looking at sharing bags for the likes of our
rice cakes, so that you can bring them on the
go and eat throughout the day and it doesn't
need to be a sit-down occasion. We have also
developed gluten-free bread rolls on top of our
existing gluten-free range.
"We have our base products but it's about
improving on that and pushing the innovation
further. The bread rolls are substantial. There
is a brown and white bread roll that we have
launched along with our bread sets, which
include a gluten-free sourdough and gluten-
free brown bread. We are looking to extend
that range, extend our snacking range and
improve on it constantly. Over the past four
or five months we have improved our biscuit
range as well. We added oat cookies with
high-quality white chocolate and brazil nuts,
and a cranberry and white chocolate range.
These are the kinds of products people eat
every day and we are trying to make them as
good as possible and as healthy as possible
in terms of what we put in the product and
making them free from as well."
Taste remains key
With a growing consumer emphasis on
healthy eating and clean label, Gary says the
Kelkin brand is very much focused on meeting
these needs without sacrificing flavour. "From
our point of view, it's going on to the next
phase, although they are clean label and have
good ingredients, they shouldn't taste less or
like substitute products for anything else that
the shopper is going out and buying. We want
to make the taste a lot better. While these
products are healthier products, we want it
to be the best and we want it to have the best
taste. Taste is key."
Export opportunity
Having built a successful domestic market,
Gary says the future for Kelkin is very much
about exploring export opportunities. "We
are the number one health brand in Ireland,
but we want to make it more internationally
recognised we want to see what sort of legs it
has from an international point of view."
The company will be hoping to make progress
on that ambition at SIAL 2018, and earlier
this year, attended the Free From Functional
Food Expo in Stockholm. Kelkin is already
exporting to the UK through Valeo's UK
division. "We sell a small bit into France and
are on the verge of selling into the US and we
have a number of smaller companies that we
deal with in Europe. We had our first order
going into China a few weeks ago."
Gary says he sees a good opportunity to build
the brand's presence in France with certain
ranges, particularly its snacking range. Other
potential markets identified include Spain,
Germany, and Portugal too. "We want to push
it out and go to the customer and country and
do some research on the eating habits and,
based on that information, go the country and
work closely with the distributor, importer or
agent to understand the specific needs within
that market. Within our range, we feel there is
something for every market."